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FAA To Crack Down On Airspace Violators


Avoid Fines & Jail Time


Help Us Protect The Freedom To Fly UAVs
FAQ About Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
FAA Know Before You Fly Video
FAA Grants Section 333 Exemptions
FAA Limitations on Hobbyist
FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012
FAA UAS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
FAA Regulations for UAV
FAA Section 333 COA Processing
FAA Section 333 Special Rules For UAVs
FAA Special Airworthiness Certification
FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions
FAA UAS Guidance for Law Enforcement
FAA UAS Research Test Sites
FAA UAS Test Site Selection

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Drone Pilot Wanted: Starting Salary $100,000

According to CNN Money Headline "Drone Pilot Wanted: Starting Salary $100,000" - Drone jobs are in high demand. Big companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, are looking for pilots who fly drones and engineers with experience in building the unmanned aircraft. And they are willing to pay top dollar for the right stuff. . . As many as 100,000 new jobs will be created in the first 10 years after unmanned aircraft are cleared for takeoff in U.S. airspace."  http://money.cnn.com/2014/11/25/news/drone-pilot-degree/.

UAV Pilot Training School: Starting a new career? Purchasing a UAV? Ready to fly like a Pro? Our industry-leading courses are hands-on and our instructors are committed to your success. Students train on our industrial-grade aircraft, tour our factory, and enjoy Breakfast & Lunch on-us!  

No college degree or prior experience is required to enroll in our Factory Certified UAV Pilot Training Program. If you have a group of students, we can come to your location to train your UAV pilots.  And, through our strategic partnership, we can help you Fly Legal with the FAA!  (See our UAV Drone Pilots For Hire Program).

Includes: All course materials and a mini UAS trainer.



Civilian UAV Training

Train for safe and productive flying for...Real Estate, Surveys, Mapping, Agriculture, Construction, Utilities, Pipeline, Telecomm, Maritime, News Media, and More

HSE has brought the best aviation experts together in order to offer the highest quality Helicopter & Multi-Rotor UAV Pilot Training to our customers. Our instructors have a collective of 50 years of flight experience from full sized aircraft to R/C based helicopters. We stress safety as well as ease of use and practical experience in each course. Our mission is to make sure that each student is capable and well versed in all elements necessary for safe and productive flying.

HSE brings together our vast real world experience and use of UAV technology with civilian case study applications into an unparalleled UAV training opportunity. These classes will offer all of the information that is required to fly in the U.S. National Airspace as well as provide a simple checklist for all of the FAA guidelines. Our instructors teach real-world examples for flight patterns, cameras, and provide detailed information on how to make your business a success. Our detailed case examples are covered in the class to provide an experience not available anywhere else in the market today. Our pilots share on-the-job experiences with a range of flights from tower, building and dam inspections to pipelines, and geo-referenced photo stitching and advanced 3D photo imagery.

Become an expert in commercial and engineering applications including agriculture, mapping, surveying, inspections (structure, tower, systems) aerial photography and more! In addition to flight training, you will also learn about business strategy, safety, and FAA regulatory compliance.  Our Commercial UAV Pilot Training School Course is designed for commercial users of UAV systems for inspections, mining operations, geological mapping and aerial video and photography. All students who successfully complete the course will be given a Factory UAV Pilot Training School Certificate. Use your Pilot Training Certificate as a competitive advantage and to obtain insurance, financing, business licensing and more!   

UAS Flight Training & Remote Pilot Certificate Prep Course

The path towards becoming a UAS (or UAV, Drone) pilot begins here.

Register today for our UAS Flight Training & Remote Pilot Certificate Prep Course.

The FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) have developed a 40 hour comprehensive course that combines both UAS flight training and ground school instruction. The UAS flight training module gives students the tools, resources, and experience to confidently launch a professional UAS business for either commercial or public operations. The ground school module focuses on preparing students for the Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT) by teaching content that directly applies to professional UAS pilots. The instructors are committed to helping you achieve your UAS training and certification goals.

UAS Flight Training 20 hours

Students from all backgrounds and experience levels will gain valuable industry knowledge and hands-on experience learning how to fly professional-grade unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) both manually and autonomously. The instructors incorporate real-world experience to help students conduct search and rescue missions, inspections, data collection, and data processing.


Every student gets to keep an indoor UAS trainer that is used to learn fundamental aircraft control.

Instructors begin teaching basic techniques and progressively introduce more advanced flight maneuvers throughout the week.


The instructors strive to provide students with as much flight experience as possible.

“Flight experience develops flight proficiency.”

Of the 20 hours allotted for flight training, 16+ hours are allocated towards logging flight time.


RDASS Ground Station


The purpose of flying a UAS for commercial or public use is to collect actionable data.

Whether students are perusing careers in UAS inspection, surveying, photogrammetry, geospatial, and⁄or search and rescue, excellent mission planning and execution is critical to a successful outcome. Instructors will present real-world mission scenarios where students and instructors work together to plan and execute the mission.


Data management is often an over looked challenge for many UAS pilots. HSE provides useful techniques to manage and process data into useful and actionable deliverables.
  • Point Cloud
  • Orthomosaic
  • DTM or DMS
  • Contours
  • Volumetric Survey
  • RAW or JPG
  • MP4 Video
  • Logs (TXT)

Students receive a Certificate of Flight Training Completion at the end of the course.

Remote Pilot Certificate Prep 20 hours

Per Title 14 CFR Parts 61, 91, and 107 “A person operating a small UAS must hold a remote pilot airmen certificate with a small UAS rating.” The pilot instructors offer the experience, knowledge, and authority to prepare students for the Aeronautical Knowledge Exam. The ground school module in combination with flight training gives students a thorough perspective of airspace and how to share it responsibly.

Remote Pilot Prep

The National Airspace System (NAS) is the busiest and most complex airspaces in the world. There are many moving parts including a new regulatory environment.

As you continue to read on, education is paramount to becoming certified.


Students learn how to read aeronautical charts to identify airspace classifications, obstructions, restricted airspace, controlled airspace, and other information applicable to UAS operations.

Knowing airspace is the responsibility of those who occupy it.

Communication and Authorization

UAS flight in certain classifications of airspace requires prior authorization from the ATC. Learn about terms, definitions, and resources to communicate with appropriate personal. Additionally, learn about filing NOTAMs and locating TFRs.

Risk Assessment

Part 107 outlines rules that must be followed when flying UAS for both commercial and public missions. Learn about other factors that affect pre-flight planning and mission execution.

The pilot instructors will also provide valuable techniques to assess risk and avoid disaster.


Obvious environmental conditions can affect UAS mission work. Its conditions that aren’t that obvious that commonly put remote pilots at risk. Learn how to assess environmental conditions that give pilots peace of mind.

Take a Ride

Students who attend the Flight Training and UAS Remote Pilot Certificate Prep course are given an opportunity to ride in a manned airplane alongside one of our certified pilots. The experience provides another perspective of the airspace that both manned and unmanned aircraft share.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where is the UAS Flight Training held?

The UAS training facility is located in Denver, Colorado. Training is held where the UAS are designed, manufactured, and supported.

Contact a HSE representative for more details at 309-361-7656.

What is the course duration?

We understand that your time is valuable. The flight instructors have consolidated UAS Flight Training and Remote Pilot Prep content into a comprehensive 5-day course.

Classes are scheduled for the second full week of each month.

Course work is conducted Monday – Friday 8 am – 5:00 pm.

We provide:

  • Professional Instruction
  • Indoor and Outdoor Training Facilities
  • Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch served daily
  • Common beverages include water, tea, coffee, soda
  • Indoor Quadcopter Trainer
  • Binder with Course Content
  • Transportation between indoor and outdoor training area if needed.

How much flight experience will I receive?

The instructors strive to provide the most flight time possible. You will be flying basic maneuvers by day-one. The course is progressive, so as you become comfortable with piloting the UAV, more advanced maneuvers will be introduced. The course includes a pilot-log book where you can begin tracking UAS pilot flight time.

What experience is recommended to attend?

HSE caters to students from all experience levels and backgrounds. The instructors will work with you one-on-one through interactive discussion, flight training, and exam preparation.

For questions, contact a HSE representative by either calling 309-361-7656 or email


Civilians & First Responders



Location: DENVER CO


  • February 13-17

  • March 13-17

  • April 10-14

  • May 15-19

  • June 12-16

  • July 10-14

  • August 14-18
  • September 11-15
  • October 9-13
  • November 13-17
  • December 11-15
Course Topics  

Advanced Safety


Airspace Management

Temporary Flight Restrictions

Area Awareness

Emergency Landing and Awareness

GPS Off awareness and situation review

RDASS Training


Takeoff, Landing and Shutdowns

Maneuvering and positioning

Simple Photo and Payload Management with Gimbal movement and setup

Advanced Maneuvering and positioning

No GPS Flying and usage

Autopilot Mission Flying with interrupt and continue

Photo management with Autopilot and "Lawn Mowing" configuration

Custom Payload management

R/C Autopilot

Basic Helicopter maintenance, storage and setup

Battery maintenance

Photo Gimbal setup and Camera usage

Ground Station Mission Setup


Full PC Mission Setup and planning

Map Calibration and Way Point Management

Downloading and customization of missions to and from UAV

Hands On


All aspects of previous topics in real situations and practical usage with RDASS Trainers

Regular Class Fee  $3000



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UAV Pilot Training School Reviews


What our students say about our
UAV Pilot Training School


"I’ve been flying model aircraft from control line back in the 70s..Gliders to Helicopter’s  and had very high expectations when I attended the class, by the end of the week what  I didn’t  realized was the potential of where the future of UAS is heading. Thanks to H.S.E I have a great future ahead!" Richard M.

"The class exceeded my expectations. From instruction to equipment, the caliber was outstanding. Post training the support I received was prompt and beneficial." Robert M

"It was better then I anticipated. Great instructors."  Don O. Fairlawn OH

"I couldn't believe how well the RDASS handled in gusts of 30 mph winds. Stable as a rock!" Eric S. Saraland, AL

"The course was packed with great info." Barry W. Bethlehem, PA

"I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about until I took the course."  - Dana G, Yonkers NY

"There's no comparison between my DJI and the RDASS. Now I know why they call the DJI a toy." Stu M. Moline IL

"Can't say enough about much I enjoyed the course." Tom M. Mt Home AR

"The course was well worth the cost. Glad I took it. Tons of valuable information!" Gary W. New Hope NJ

"Have to admit that I was skeptical about signing-up for the course. That all went away the first day of class!" Gilbert A. Redding CA

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Whether you are jump starting your photography career or looking to change the world with your new methods of farm surveying - you need to make sure you follow the FAA laws regarding the commercial operation of drones.

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Class Sizes Are Limited!


360° 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter
with extra batteries and charger.  

The HSE UAV Trainer is included Free with all HSE Flight Training Certification Classes.  Its the perfect quad UAV for training on.  Comes complete with extra batteries and charger. 




All UAV Flight Training Certification Courses include a FREE HSE Mini-Trainer 360° 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with extra batteries and charger.

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Police UAV Drones by Homeland Surveillance Electronics

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